Land Rover: Road Trip for a Reason

From the breathtaking Northern Territory to the charming Eyre Peninsula – Road Trip for a Reason is a four-part series showcasing the Land Rover Discovery.

Craig Parry’s Road Trip for a Reason

In the first episode in the series, photographer Craig Parry takes the Discovery on a spectacular adventure – from the skies to the sea. My challenge here was to focus on weaving a strong story line while still showcasing all the features of the Discovery – but Craig’s genuineness and love of nature really shines through.

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Sally Fitzgibbons’ Road Trip For A Reason

Sally Fitzgibbons is an absolute surfing legend, and it was great fun to feature a real range of driving terrain in this edit. Sally’s story begins in the rocky Bombo Headland Quarry then on to muddy back roads and through soft sand. I love editing surf footage and I found the ocean sequence in this episode a joy to put together.

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