‘Stories of Ambition’
Documentary Series

With sports climbing on the rise and making its debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, JLL is helping six ambitious athletes in their climbing dreams by giving them access to cutting-edge technology, coaching and world-class facilities.

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As the lead editor across all eight episodes, I brought together these athletes stories from shoots in India, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. Generating over 8M video views, Stories of Ambition is JLL’s most successful campaign to date – winning a Webby Award for Sports in 2020.

‘The Hard Road’
Siddhi Manerikar

India’s number one female climber, Siddhi’s Menerikar’s goal to improve her climbing technique is proving difficult due to India’s lack of climbing infrastructure. My approach in this edit was to highlight Siddhi’s incredible strength – not just as a climber, but as a contemporary young woman overcoming gender barriers in a rapidly-changing Mumbai.

‘Stepping Up’
Angie Scarth-Johnson

Meet Angie, a talented young climber from the Blue Mountains, Australia. She’s been breaking world records since she was nine. ‘Stepping Up’ is a true sporting story about a talented, promising athlete with her sights on Olympic Gold. For this edit, I created tension by focusing on Angie’s inexperience and the enormous odds she has to overcome to succeed on the international stage.