Hi, I’m Nick: builder of this LEGO Gameboy. I’ve loved the Nintendo Gameboy since I was a kid. There’s just something about it’s heft – and a feeling that its not unfriendly design could survive a direct blast from a cannon.

This build is the result of a months long obsession with creating the ultimate LEGO model of the treasured Gameboy. I’m so proud of this build and I’m excited to share it with you, dear builder.

  • 1:1 size and accuracy
  • Working slot for cartridges to click in
  • Pressable d-pad
  • Lean and buildable model at 354 parts and only 115 unique parts
  • 4 free games, built in two different ways: Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Tetris and Zelda

LEGO is expensive, so I’ve tried to make this build as lean and cheap on parts as possible. Any elements that are not outward facing, please feel free to substitute with the colours you have in abundance. I’m always working to make this model better, more structural and more feature-packed. If you have any thoughts or ideas – please don’t hesitate to reach out to me @clicklever on Instagram.

In this build the games click in, and the D-pad can be pressed down! I’ll always be a better editor than a LEGO designer – but it’s super satisfying to finally my LEGO Gameboy instructions finally published.

And if you’re reading this Nintendo please don’t sue me (I don’t have any money anyway)

Got to give a shout to the whole Lego Masters Season 4 crew: Gene, Trent, Paul, Brickdan, Kirsti, Racheal, Lexi, Caleb, Alex, Henry, Joss, Wang, Cheepjokes, Max and especially Branko for creating these instructions.

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